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Mom Anger. Yesterday picking up my daughter from school the sun was out, the chill of the day was gone. The puppy pooped on the sidewalk, one child whinned to go home because of thirst the other cried, not wanting to leave. Walking home it was more whinning, more tears, more pulling from the puppy’s leash. I wanted to run. “Come on family”… I wanted to yell, “What about me?” Day two of husband being out of town and I wanted a break. Seems so selfish to be actually pissed at my situation when basically all was well just hairied at the moment. But soon that moment would pass. The whinning and tears would stop, a slack leash…quiet. That’s how my anger comes. In quick flashes. Bursts of flame then calm waters wipe it away. Again this morning chaos with the youngest, back talk from the oldest and a puppy needing to go outside. Where was the nanny to feed the children, the dog walker to see to the puppy’s needs and the house keeper to wipe away the evidence? A cup of tea and two minutes to myself I now see that I can replace my anger with patience and appreciation. A deep breath brings clarity. March 4, 2009

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