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Priestess With A Pen and Princess Leia by J.G. McGlothern April 20, 2009

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I had the privilege of hearing author, Anne Lamott speak on Friday night and Carrie Fisher perform her one woman show last night. Two women…different voices….both writers…both writing like I intend….from the heart…deep down past the fluff….from where it counts.

I ferociously took notes, breathing in Anne’s advice, wisdom and realness.  I participated in Carrie’s banter with the audience.  I wanted to hang on every word, learn from women who have risked and survived.  For to share your heart is taking a chance and not something everyone wants a part of, but for these two women there was no other way than to speak from the deep part of their souls.

Both women are funnier than Hell and alcoholics. Suffering their own personal Hell and rising above it all with humor, grace, and integrity.

My voice is different from theirs but my prayer is to reach even  one person…make them laugh or shed a tear or two…guiding them to live from the deepest part of their soul.



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