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Sex Talk by J.G. McGlothern April 27, 2009

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Last week my daughter came home from first grade announcing, “___, just told me what sex is!”  My heart dropped to my toes, I wanted to scream…”WTF?”  She’s only seven.  As the story unfolded her classmate told her that “sex is when two people lie on top of each other either naked or wearing a bikini, and kiss.”  Heart left the toes, but only made it back up to my knees.  So on Saturday we had “the talk”.  It lasted 45 seconds (yes many jokes can be made from that).  My daughter responded like only a child should, “ EEEWWW….GROSS….that’s just weird…………..have you done that with dad?”  When I asked if she had any other questions she wanted to know what I was making for lunch.

I didn’t expect to have that conversation so soon and I didn’t expect to agree with her, ”Yeah honey, it is weird.”  Keep thinkin’ that girly for another decade or two.  We do everything we can to protect our children and then in a blink of an eye another kid comes along and throws reality into our faces.  Instead of calling the mother or being pissed at the kid I took the opportunity to share my love and knowledge with my child, instead of turning the other cheek like my mom did when the topic came up.  But for now I’ll keep letting her think sex is gross and weird, but on the same hand only done with someone you love.    That must have cleared it all up for her.


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