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Movie Magic by J.G. McGlothern May 15, 2009

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When one has children the wonderful world of Disney is at your disposal. Curling up on the couch with a child and a good movie is one of my favorite times being a mom. I did this before motherhood too. I was an aunt, babysitter, god-mother, nanny all long before I was a mother. I loved it when they wanted to watch a movie. I watched movies with children for my enjoyment as much as for theirs. I could escape and find inspiration from the animated screen.

Mary Poppins reminds us of the importance of playing. She’s is all about using the imagination. Something so important in this media frenzy society. When was the last time you drew on the sidewalk with chalk? Ate a spoonful of sugar?

The Incredibles stress the importance of family, Toy Story the importance of friendship, Over The Hedge the importance of taking care of our planet. This movie time gives me escape, provides inspiration, nuggets of wisdom that carry me through another day of parenting.

The 2008 release of Jack Black as Po the overweight Dragon Warrior in Kung Fu Panda had me from the very start. You have his dad, the town’s noodle restaurant owner, determined his son would follow in his footsteps. When he believes his son is ready for the “secret ingredient” in his noodle soup, the audience learns the truth. There is no secret ingredient. A truth we can apply to our own lives. There is no secret. This is it. This is our lives. There is no secret ingredient to parenting. We all have what we need inside of us to be the best parent we can be. We hold the knowledge deep down inside of us. We let the stress cloud our wisdom. The sought after Dragon Scroll reveals the same truth, no magic tool necessary. We have what we need already.

Which movies have revealed a new truth for you? I mean let’s face it most kid movies today are really for adults. I am pretty sure a lot of the deep meanings are lost on my four year old. Which movies have provided you escape through humor, wisdom or inspiration? What lessons have these films taught you? Please share your movie experience with me by adding your comments below. Let’s spread the magic.


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