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Two Teachers, One Lesson by J.G. McGlothern June 3, 2009

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Last Friday I wasn’t planning on going to the 9:30 am Bikram Yoga class.  That is the time I play with my son and clean the house.  But when a preschool mom called to see if my son could come over and play, I seized the opportunity.

Earlier in the morning, getting us all out the door to walk my first grader to school, I was flustered.  Grabbing the items I needed, feeling like I was forgetting something important, my kids were aware that mom was having a minor freak out session. My son very calmly stood in front of me and said, “Just breathe, mama.”  Something his dad and I are constantly saying to him.  So I did. I put my stuff on the ground and honored his request.

Often the teacher in front of you is the teacher you need the most.  The lesson they offer is exactly what you need.  Of course we don’t see it that way at the time.  We want those in front of us to get out of our way.

At yoga that morning, I discovered it was the last day of class for the teacher who was leading us. Now we are all prone to picking a favorite teacher, especially when you have more than eight to pick from.  Every teacher has their own gifts.  Each yoga teacher possesses a quality I benefit from.  Not one teacher is everything I need to practice my yoga.  One teacher provides instruction on form, another on challenging me to go deeper in the pose and another to pick an intention at the beginning of class, reminding me that my yoga is a moving meditation.  But this teacher, who was teaching at my studio for the last time, continually reminded me of exactly what I needed reminding of the most.  She reminded me of the whole reason why I took up yoga.  “Just breathe,” she instructs after we are in position.  Thighs burning, heart pounding, “Now all you have to do,” she says, “is breathe.”  Second reminder of the day and it wasn’t even 10 am. 

At the beginning of the day who knew that a four year old and a yoga teacher were going to provide the same lesson within the same hour.  A sign to me that the lesson they were teaching was exactly what I needed most.


One Response to “Two Teachers, One Lesson by J.G. McGlothern”

  1. Erika Says:

    Great blog entry! It brings a tear to my eye and goose bumps down my spine. I too, can hear the words…”breathe the way you want to feel” from our fabulous instructor who will be missed at the West Seattle studio.

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