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God Speak by J.G. McGlothern June 5, 2009

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I swear to God, yesterday about 10:30 am it was God’s voice I heard. It was loud and clear.  As I stood in front of the sink about to wash another dish I heard, “Will you go read your fucking book already?” Some of you may think, “Oh, God wouldn’t have spoken to you like that.”  For me, it was the only way God could get through.  He used my voice, my language, one of my favorite words.  The word that means business.  “Enough already”, God was thinking. “You want to play hard ball and ignore MY invitations to rest and breathe and finish your book club novel, then I’m going to have to get noticed here. So stop your puttering, doing, and go sit on your butt and read.”

That is truly one way I believe how God speaks to me.  In my own voice, little whispers of repeated messages. Supportive, encouraging, loving messages. It is my own head that gets in the way and insists on cleaning one more messy pile before letting myself read, write, sit, breathe or be.  It will continue to be my journey.  Every day I will learn a little bit more how to TRUST that Voice.  HEAR that Voice and truly LISTEN to it.

What is something right now in your life you want to accomplish but you are letting your head tell you that you don’t have time for it? Is it finishing reading a book? Perhaps painting a wall, molding clay, taking a walk, planting raspberries? Feeling guilty for having such decadent thoughts?

God, the Divine, a Higher Power…whatever you are comfortable calling IT, wants you to live out the desires of your heart in the creative, lovely way only you can.  The same God who knows I don’t sit still well, knows that my greatest desire is to sit.  Oh, how I long for just a bit of time to read, to write, to meditate.  God knows I do everything to avoid what I need most so in order to get my attention the “F” word has to come out.  For that I pay attention.

For those of you who wince at THAT word like my mother does, God also told me this morning to “Stop being so hard on yourself and stop insisting on getting so much done in a day and go to the computer and write your blog.”  A gentle, loving message, no harsh words necessary. And I listened.

It was my voice alone that responded with, “I fuckin’ get it, I will write already.”


2 Responses to “God Speak by J.G. McGlothern”

  1. sonya Says:

    Nicely put! Sometimes it’s so hard to do what we love isn’t it? Today I wrote and shot 50 baskets…it’s a good day.

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