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Wounded by J.G. McGlothern June 8, 2009

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We do anything for our children. Lie, steal, bribe, sign up on waiting lists that are longer than a boat ride to China.  It’s absurd some of the things parents do for their children. Just yesterday I got hit in the face with a croquet mallet by my four year old son.  I took it for the team and have a red mark below my eye to prove it.  Not long ago he gave me a black eye.   The kind of black eye that made strangers want to give me hugs. Both incidents were accidents.  But if some other person, like an adult did this on accident would I have reacted differently? Would I have been upset longer?

The cool thing about yesterday’s innocent whack in the face was the way my son reacted after seeing his mom roll around the lawn, writhing in pain. He stroked my back and wanted to kiss my wound.  The last 24 hours he has been checking out the red mark and is quite happy to offer more kisses and report that, “It doesn’t look that bad.”

It’s hard to hold a grudge when such sweetness is pouring out from his heart. So besides the lying, cheating and stealing I will do for my son, I will also forgive gently and tell myself, it’s just a face.


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