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Father Daughter – Father Son by J.G. McGlothern June 21, 2009

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One of the reasons I chose to marry my honey was that I could tell he’d be a great father.  Way before we were engaged to marry we engaged in discussions about raising a family together. We both came from divorced families, once was enough.  Our fears brought out in the open – shared from the heart.  My husband didn’t want to run away like his dad did and never return.  I feared my occasional sadness would develop into my dad’s mental illness.  Aware of our fears, filled with faith to face them we became parents to a daughter first, then a son.

When it gets tough our fears are challenged, but we are here. Neither has fled nor checked in to a mental hospital.  When I embrace my truths, listen to my husband’s truths and together live from our hearts and walk together in faith, the fears subside.  They disappear in the clouds and I am humbled, blessed and strengthened.

Nearly eight years into this parenting thing it is so clear my children are blessed with the very best father.   Together we make a great team.  Egos aside, walking humbly, standing in our beliefs.


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