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Open Window by J.G. McGlothern July 1, 2009

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Over dinner tonight with two girlfriends we aired our dirty laundry.  Just like my experience earlier this afternoon, eavesdropping on an unsuspecting pair at Starbucks, we shared real conversation.  Knowing each other for more than fifteen years, we were able to cut to the chase, go deep, be ourselves.  Oh, how essential it is, I realized driving home just now, to have girlfriends in your life that you can let your hair down with.  

All three mothers, we had to go there.  We had to talk about at least one complaint or two.  And tonight the vote was unanimous. It sucks in the summer time for one reason only.  Open windows.  The neighbors get to hear it all. One girlfriend piped up, thank God her husband was mowing the lawn, otherwise the neighbors would have thought she had gone mad.  The other girlfriend piped up, sharing how her husband wished the windows were closed when she got real with her kids the other day.  And I shared, how just today, I told my son, “Get your ass over here, right now.”  The neighbors must have loved having reality TV right next door.

 How refreshing, liberating, life giving to have friends in your life with whom you can share these moments and know two things. One, you’re not crazy. And two, you’re not alone.


One Response to “Open Window by J.G. McGlothern”

  1. Sukie Curtis Says:

    And three, you are loved for who you are–not just the fancied up parts!

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