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Just Five More Minutes Please by J.G. McGlothern July 24, 2009

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Doing what we love can get shoved to the back burner when we become parents.  I am learning that what I love can be packaged into small increments working well with my short attention span. Working even better with young children. 

Right now for example I am sitting at our computer in our cozy home office.  My five year old son is sitting on the file cabinet, sharing my desk, drawing pictures of dolphins.  My daughter is behind me in the rocking chair writing in her journal. I suggested she write a poem on swimming, so she interrupts only occasionally to ask, “Is back-stroke one word?” Or “How do you spell synchronized?”

Writing not only keeps me whole, I love it.  So I will pull out my pen at a stoplight, pause during cooking stir-fry to write words in my notebook, let my children yell, while I plunk out another sentence on the keyboard.

A mom I know reads constantly.  She always has a book going.  She doesn’t let her two girls or making dinner get in the way of reading another chapter. 

I have always wanted to be one of those people, who always had my nose in a book. They look so smart. So this summer I have started to become a book geek, finishing one book and starting another the same hour.  I hang out longer in the bathroom (hey, if my husband can read the sports page there, I can read my novel), stay up later turning pages and am now in two book clubs.  I feel smarter. Just kidding, just happier.


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