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Game On by J.G. McGlothern September 11, 2009

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Some mom friends and I are getting healthy.  We are putting ourselves first.  I mentioned to a mom how I was trying to eat less more often and she told me about a competition diet, explained in the book, The Game On Diet by Krista Vernoff and AZ Ferguson.

8 women, 4 teams, we start Saturday.  I have to weigh in, take a before and after photo and start calculating my points. You don’t win the game by losing the most weight, but by earning the most points.  And you earn points by doing the following each day: getting 7 hours of sleep, drinking 3 liters of water, eating 5 small meals, exercising 20 minutes, giving up a bad habit, starting a new good habit, etc. More than a diet…a waking up, a cattle call to look at your habits and how you care for yourself, thrown in with some good old fashioned competition.

On the same day I committed to doing this I was given a gift.  My dear friend wrote me a letter and delivered it with a bouquet of orange dahlias. One of my favorite flowers dressed in my favorite color.  The first line of her letter was telling me…”you are rock star beautiful.”  The letter was inspired by my negative thoughts that consumed me recently.  In the letter she went on stating all the wonderful things my body had done…give birth to two children, run half a dozen half marathons, etc, etc, etc.  Point being, we are so f@#king hard on our bodies.  We tell them they are imperfect yet look at all they do…raise families, run, walk, swim, earn livings, nurture and most of all love.

So my healthy new habit as part of the Game, is to use daily affirmations.  Every time I look in a mirror, or see my reflection in the window, I am going to say. “You are rock star beautiful and I love you just the way you are.”  Instead of beating myself up with, “You’d look good if you lost 15 pounds” or “Ick” or “I look awful today.”

When I was telling a friend at a party this weekend about the Game On Diet the music was loud and she thought I said, the Gay Mom Diet.  I told my gay mom friend the story and she said, well you’ll have to start playing softball, drinking beer and wearing plaid, flannel shirts.  Now that’s a diet I could handle.

Our friends cheer us on, make us laugh, and engage us in a little friendly competition…a competition of who can love themselves more really.  Because that’s what we are doing by joining in this Game.  We are saying, enough is enough, time to love ourselves, time to care for our bodies that do and love so much already.

So Gay On…oh, I mean Game On!


3 Responses to “Game On by J.G. McGlothern”

  1. Phyllis Says:

    please note, I much prefer red wine, have no hand eye coordination and I have only one flannel shirt. 😉 two if you include the one I got from my dad when he passed away. Jenny – Eye dew luv you’re blogg.

  2. Nancy M. Says:

    Oh, Jenny, your blog is wonderful. How brave and funny you are…just letting it all be out there (so to speak). Some day your kids will read what you have written and think what a cool Mom they have. Probably not in their teen years, however!

  3. Linda Fillley Bentler Says:

    All I can say is Gay On!!!!

    Beautifully written.

    So glad you are my partner in this game.

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