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Laughter Is The Best Medicine — Laughter Part I by J.G. McGlothern September 16, 2009

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Laughter is the best medicine.  Haven’t we all heard that?  Laughter has even cured a woman from her cancer.  It can turn a crappy day into a great one.

I remember going with my mom and sister to the movie, Being There, with Peter Sellers.  My mom laughed so hard, she fell off her seat.  Of course being a ten year old, I was mortified.  But later I could laugh at the incident.

The other day, my Life Coach introduced me to the concept of laughter yoga.  We nearly laughed our asses off as she tried out some exercises on me.  I say nearly, ‘cause come on, nothin’s gonna laugh this ass off but exercise and eating smaller portions.  But why not throw laughter into the mix and give it a try, huh?

She explained how fake laughter releases the same chemical as real laughter and shared some techniques for me to try.  At home that evening when my two offspring started getting sassy with one another I told them about just laughing instead of getting mad.  My son, the one with a temper the size of … well his mother’s, loved the idea. We both tossed our heads back and giggled.  My daughter rolled her eyes at us.  Instead of laughing at her, we just chose to laugh over rolling eyes, over getting mad, over fighting.

I continued the day with laughing over my headache. Spontaneously laughing over being such a serious person.  I felt like a crazy woman set free.  I could have auditioned for One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and been given the roll of Jack Nicolson’s twin sister.

The next morning, the offspring started bickering.  I sent them loving light, laughed to myself over how I send them healing light and continued washing the breakfast dishes.  They both joined me in the kitchen.  My son, the boy who could be Jack Nicholson’s twin sister’s son in the movie says…mama we could just laugh about fighting instead of fighting.  I high fived him and we put on our best laughs.  If we were in a movie theater we’d be rolling off our seats.

Diversion and laughter got my son to stop fighting with his sister, two days in a row.  His sister on the other hand, hid her laughter under her covered face.  She didn’t want us to know it worked for her too.  She has the role right now of being the mortified girl next to the crazy lady in the movie theatre.  It’s good practice for me when she’ll be a teenager and I’ll be laughing non-stop at the joys of female hormones.


5 Responses to “Laughter Is The Best Medicine — Laughter Part I by J.G. McGlothern”

  1. Marcia Metcalf Says:

    I am laughing and smiling right now. Thank I needed that! Great story and I am going to try it with my kids!


  2. Sukie Curtis Says:

    I LOVE this, Jenny! Brilliant! Not only the laughter practice but your way of telling it! As usual! lol as they say in textland. and xoxo

  3. Beth Says:

    Hey there Jenny! Nice to see you at Safeway:-) This is what made me think of Blink. I don’t know if you have gotten this far yet but check out p.206 The Naked Face. Your blog also made me think of the show Ally McBeal and that one character always doing “smile therapy”. I am a regular “smile therapy” participant. Did you ever see that show? See you soon -Beth

  4. Jennifer Herrin Says:

    My friend, Halle, and I do this occasionally and we find ourselves unable to breath we are laughing so hard – over NOTHING! We thought we were the only people crazy enough to do this so I like to think that we are now in good company.

  5. Wendi Says:

    This is great parenting advice! I’m going to try it. If they don’t start laughing maybe at least they (meaning Callie AND Daddy) will be scared that I’m going crazy and quit whatever behavior they were doing to make me so annoyed!

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