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One Word, One Breath — Living in the Present Part II by J. G. McGlothern October 15, 2009

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I have mentioned before that we often fight against what we need the most.  That’s why it’s worth mentioning again.  DUH!  My in motion personality craves stillness, longs for quiet, treasures solitude.  In the past the thought of sitting still made me crazy yet I hungered for it down to the marrow in my bones. 

The whole meditation process peaked my curiosity, called my name, but seemed so untouchable for my nature.  I would see a woman sitting cross legged in a crowded train station, eyes closed, oblivious to the buzz of people around her and think, That is so cool.  I would see a man at the beach sitting on a log, toes in the sand, eyes closed in his own world and think, I want to be able to do that.

I have met people who practice meditation and have learned some of the tools of the trade, giving me guidance to pave my own way.

I don’t practice twice daily for twenty minutes at a time…but I am working toward that dream.  Realistically, right now in my life, I practice once a day for seven minutes to fifteen minutes, oh maybe once every two weeks.  But next week I might have a new average.  Just yesterday, in a waiting room, I logged three minutes!

I start with five minutes. I set the kitchen timer. Sit in my living room in my favorite comfy chair, feet planted on the floor, eyes closed.  I choose one word.  Usually the word represents what I need the most at that moment: love, peace, or calm.  Then as I seek connection and stillness I can go back to that word and my breath if I get distracted.  And yes, I get distracted every time.  It doesn’t matter that I had a hard time emptying my mind, clearing out the muck.  What matters is that I showed up.  I don’t judge the hundreds of thoughts that swarm my mind.  I see them, dismiss them and watch them float by as I breathe in one, surrender, or trust.

 It’s amazing how the simple act of breathing can bring you so present, so aware, so in the NOW.



2 Responses to “One Word, One Breath — Living in the Present Part II by J. G. McGlothern”

  1. sonya Says:

    For years, I too, have observed those sitting in cross-legged stillness in ahhh and have longed for the ability to calm my mind, forget the dishes, the laundry, the meetings, the practices, the bustle and the chaos. I used to make an effort, occasionally, to sit and battle my thoughts through meditation, but I have been so busy, I’ve forgotten how much I need to return to that space. Thanks Jenny, for the reminder. It’s time to go sit.

  2. Nancy M. Says:

    Many (like 30) years ago I studied Transcendental Meditation with Swami Bhaktivedanta (I’ve probably trashed the spelling) and the most important thing I learned was that to truly empty your mind you need to choose a sound to use as a mantra. Not the name of a sound but a group of letters that make a sound that has no connection to anything. It is the only way to keep your mind from doing what it does naturally….follow one thought with another. Try it….it has worked for me for a long time although I’m not diligent about meditating I can use the TM technique if I feel the need and, invariably, it works.

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