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Dream Catcher — Dreams Part I by J.G. McGlothern October 21, 2009

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In my night time – out cold – snoring deep R.E.M  sleep – dreams, I’ve slept with most of my husband’s friends and many of my girl friend’s husbands.  The number of affairs I’ve had makes Hollywood look prudish.  I’ve even slept with Brad Pitt and Michael Jordan.  But the dreams have nothing to do with the sex…they have to do with the feelings I am feeling when I am in my dream.  I am cheating on my real life husband in these dreams, and I always regret it.  Duh.  Even in real life when people have affairs, they typically regret it. 

The point and the message here isn’t about me having dreams about cheating on my husband, the point is what are these dreams telling me?  Who am I really cheating?  They say, often the individuals in our dreams represent ourselves.  And I swear every time I have the affair dream it’s during a time in my life when I am not carving out time for myself.  I’m cheating myself out of valuable “me time.” There was a time period where my husband would ask when I woke up..…Well, who was it last night?  The affairs of my dreams were representing the fact that I wasn’t making time for myself during the day.

I’m no dream doctor, I don’t even play one on TV, but it’s fun to play around with the meaning of my dreams.  I have a few dream books, I consult friends.  One friend recently shared that it’s the belly button of the dream that matters.  In other words, at the core, at the center of the dream, what is the message, the lesson, the nugget? What are you being taught in that dream?

At the beginning of one of my favorite kid’s movies, Kung Fu Panda, Po dreams about being the Dragon Warrior.  It has been his fantasy, his fascination.  In real life, he indeed becomes the Dragon Warrior learning the secret doesn’t lie in a scroll but within. I’m like Po, totally fascinated, not about Kung Fu, but about dreams.

The woman who married my husband and I, would often center her sermons from the pulpit around her night time dreams. God was speaking to her in her unconscious state.  God working through us in our sleep – that makes sense to me, we don’t listen when we’re awake so he might as well try when we’re sleeping.  And having multiple affairs certainly is going to get my attention.  The one time I dreamt I had an affair with my husband, my real life, laying next to me in bed, husband…he was ecstatic.  Finally, he had made the list in my dreams.

Often I will have a dream, and have no clue of its meaning.  Finding the belly button of it is baffling.  So I try to focus on the feelings I was having…worried, relaxed, sad, joyous…then I see what lesson is in that for me.  Many times it’s just night time entertainment and I have no idea in hell what a dream is about…I just have faith, that God is trying to communicate something to me, trying to breathe life into these subconscious thoughts, trying to wake me up.


4 Responses to “Dream Catcher — Dreams Part I by J.G. McGlothern”

  1. Sukie Curtis Says:

    A long while ago my husband used to meet with a Jesuit priest/Jungian analyst. His way of getting at dreams was to ask, “What part of your waking life does this dream feel like?” Actually, that doesn’t quite feel like it’s got the precision of his question. But you get the idea.

    I love the ones where the image is SO strong, loud and clear: like a time when I was definitely not taking time to fill myself up, was feeling overwhelmed by stuff, and had read some coachy thing about plugging up the small leaks of energy in your life. And I dreamed about a major leak in our bathroom ceiling–water pouring down from the attic (go figure! no pipes up there!), flooding our whole tiny bathroom. Another duh.

    Sweet dreams!

  2. Jenny Kanevsky Says:

    I love your words and openness, as always. Interesting that the thing your dreams use to tell you you need more “you” time is something taboo . . . I do think often the concept of women taking time for themselves seems indulgent, unnecessary. I call BS on that, of course. It’s interesting that your subconscious chose something taboo to communicate this to you. Of course the double message of cheating makes sense. Also, good on ya’ girl! Brad Pitt and Michael Jordan. If you have to get a subconscious message, make it pretty, no?

    • heartwriter Says:

      Always interesting to hear the different perspectives on dreams. Thanks JK. I didn’t see my taking “me time” as taboo…I saw the NOT TAKING “me time” as taboo. I always apprciate your responses.

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