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Hope Floats — Hope Part II by J.G. McGlothern November 3, 2009

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There is nothing in Mother Nature that can stop me in my tracks and remind me of the possibility of hope like the moon.  Just last night, taking out the dog before bed, there it was as round as a communion host, as white as snow, as loyal as a Labrador Retriever, shinning down at me, lighting up my world – refilling my cup with hope.

It will provide the same hope for me when it hangs up there in the sky as a crescent or hidden behind a cloud with only its glow giving away its position.  The power it holds over me is life giving.  I’m like a child when I see the moon.  I have to point it out to strangers walking down the sidewalk.  Did you see the moon tonight? It shifts me out of my chaotic, racing mind and moves me to a place of peace.

That must be the role of hope.  It should stir you, inspire you, move you out of your head, cover you with possibility.


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