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Peace Love Basketball — Part I by J.G. McGlothern November 20, 2009

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Thanksgiving is next week, even though the store front windows, television commercials and radio announcers are only telling us about Christmas.

The upcoming holiday season holds hope and anticipation for many.  Stress and more stress for others.  Often the anxieties of the season can take away from the love and joy we are supposed to experience. The “to-do” lists and obligations overcome us, leaving us far from a place of peace.  We can’t wait for the holiday to get here, then we can’t wait for it to be over, in the mean while being completely unaware, detached from the experience, empty.

I never liked Christmas.  It all goes back to being four years old and my eleven year old sister telling me on Christmas Eve…There is no Easter Bunny, No Tooth Fairy and No Santa Claus. Then when I was six or seven there was a terrible family fight involving another sister and my mentally ill father. So it is understandable I developed some stress and sadness over the month of December.

But then I had kids.  The anxiety and sadness have been replaced with love as I have learned to embrace the joy of Christmas. However, the stress can still be there, just a different kind of stress.  A stress over the “shoulds”.

Last year I gave myself permission to have less “shoulds” surrounding Christmas.  I didn’t send Christmas cards, didn’t make a gingerbread house and bought way less gifts than the year before.  This made room for more light to shine down on me in the month of December. In other words, I was more at peace so I was able to see the light that was already there.

Your first question for this contest dear reader is this: How will you lessen or eliminate the stress from your life this holiday season?



5 Responses to “Peace Love Basketball — Part I by J.G. McGlothern”

  1. Kaiti Grassley Says:

    I love Christmas but I do know there is stress involved in the season. I am reducing the stress this year by doing family experiences and not so man gifts. I am also staying home 4 weeks this year which really reduces stress. The best way is also to sit down with your kids and eat a gingerbread cookie and cocoa.

  2. Jenny Kanevsky Says:

    I will break out the self-care this season. Writing; listening to Cheryl Richardson on audiobook; exercise; spending time with friends whenever possible; planning dates with my husband and enjoying the holiday through the eyes of my kids who are already writing notes to Santa and looking forward to seeing the Menashe Christmas lights on Beach Drive!

  3. Heidi Taft Says:

    Don’t you girls look cute in your PLB shirts! Jenny, how fun to discover your blog and learn something new about you. I love the holidays and have tried very hard over the years to make them fun and not stressful — especially now that I have kids. We definitely focus on the traditions, not the gifts. I have reduced gift-giving to the kids only (nieces/nephews/my kids/a couple of others) and I shop early as I find things to not only reduce the cost but to have that done before Thanksgiving. I also start designing my cards early and order stamps online so that it’s not a mad dash in December. It sounds crazy to some, but I find that planning well-ahead allows me to really enjoy December with the kids decorating, baking, visiting Santa, etc. I’m also getting good at saying ‘no’ to every invitation to buy tickets for the Nutcracker, Rockettes, fill-in-the-blank. It’s easy to create magic for kids (and yourself!) without spending a lot of money. Some of the old classics like caroling in the neighborhood, driving around to look at Christmas lights and drinking hot cocoa with marshmallows are the most fun anyway. Happy Holiday Season!! Oh, and yoga — gotta remember to breathe… 😉

  4. Marcia Metcalf Says:

    I am going to lessen the stress by focusing on spending time with my kids enjoying different activities and not get caught up in the to do list – which I always do. Going to bake cookies, read Chirstmas stories, have popcorn and snuggle with my kids and watch the traditional Christmas movies and write letters to Santa. We are also going to spend more time with my Dad helping him decorate the tree and just enjoy being with him during the holidays.
    Happy Holidays!

  5. Anne Says:

    We are simplifying our holidays by having Circle at our supper times together, focusing on healthcare in Nicaragua for kids along with Grace’s school, and giving as a family to our church’s angel tree. Being unemployed makes it easy to count my blessings and realizing how much joy is in thinking more about others who are really struggling day-to-day.

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