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Peace Love Basketball – Part III by J.G. McGlothern November 24, 2009

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Contest…Drawing December 1st. Get your questions in and visit www.peacelovebasketball.com **See below Blog for details.


For the last 15 years, the entire length of our relationship, my husband has gone to the Final Four.  He meets his Chicago and East Coast friends at the designated NCAA championship location and for four days they bond.  Male style.  Beer, basketball, more beer…sometimes golf, more beer and basketball.  My husband comes home exhausted but oh so happy.  He has released his stress and is ready to engage wholeheartedly with our family life.  One of his passions fulfilled…until the next March.

I must admit I am not a fan of spectator sports. If I can’t play why would I want to watch? B-O-R-I-N-G! But…there is nothing like college basketball.  They still have passion about the game.  Unlike those bigger boys in the NBA, whose only motivation is a pay check.  And even then their game is played with cockiness and arrogance.  Watch the Gonzaga Bulldogs during March Madness and you can’t help but cheer them on from the couch.  Even I am screaming at the television in those last few seconds where it just comes down to …. execution, time management, luck? Or perhaps love of the game? Passion?

In a few days our family will be gathered together and raising our glasses in honor of my brother-in-law who died unexpectedly three years ago. Jason was passionate about basketball, sports in general, but passionate about coaching his two girls on the court.  Standing over 6’ 4”, Jason was a gentle giant on the sidelines.  Guiding, teaching his daughters and team mates about the game he loved.  At his funeral it was standing room only with a huge crowd of people who came to honor a man you loved his family with all his heart and knew the importance of teaching children the life learning lessons that come with a ball in their hand.

Your third question for this contest dear reader is this: Who in your life has been a teacher…leading you to follow your passions?

CONTEST DETAILS:  You can win a hip, super comfy, organic cotton T-shirt from the Full Court Design Collection to keep you stylish and a journal to keep you honest.

All you have to do is take a moment and ponder a question and leave your answer in the comment section of my Heartwriter’s Blog AND visit my friend’s web site, www.peacelovebasketball.com, and become a FaceBook fan by clicking on the “fan” button. By leaving your comment on Heartwriter’s Blog and becoming a  PeaceLoveBasketball Fan, your name will be entered into a hat for our December 1st drawing. Answer all 3 questions in my Peace Love Basketball series and your name will be entered 3 times. (If you are not a FB member, no worries, visit www.peacelovebasketball.com, click on contacts, email Sonya and in the subject header type “Heartwriter Contest” and your name will still be entered in the drawing.)

NOTE: Men can enter too! You could win a long sleeve, black, uni-sex PeaceLoveBasketball t-shirt!

Get your comments entered by Dec. 1, 2009. 




2 Responses to “Peace Love Basketball – Part III by J.G. McGlothern”

  1. Marcia Metcalf Says:

    My teacher in life has been by father, he has always been there for me though all my sports, school, dating, jobs, all the ups and downs in life. Dad has been coaching, cheering, giving advice on life and the shoulder to lean on. Dad has always said give it your all, don’t give up, follow though, stay focused and always be yourself. My Dad has always set good examples for me to follow and now I am hoping I am setting and teaching my kids those example that I was taught. The most important gift my Dad taught me is how to love. The day I got married just before I walked down the isle with my Dad I told him he was the first man I loved and even though I am getting married I will always love him and I thanked him for everything he has taught me in life.

  2. Heidi Taft Says:

    I really admire the women in my life — my mother and my grandmothers. All are very strong women who persevere and yet love life. My mom has the most resilient spirit I have ever witnessed. I aspire to be like her as a mom, wife and woman of the world. My maternal grandmother was the consummate matriarch and taught me how to bake and sew and make things with my hands. My paternal grandmother is still beautiful, vivacious, funny and creative. Just last night we exchanged fancy recipe ideas for Thanksgiving leftovers. She told the funniest story about her Thanksgiving debacle at a friend’s house last week and reminded me about the importance of laughter as we navigate life. She has led the most amazing life from a small city in Montana — had a talk show in the 70’s, kissed Clint Eastwood at a movie wrap party, raises money for museums by helping with art auctions, and feeds the hungry through her efforts at the Salvation Army — all while looking like a movie star herself. All three, in their own ways, have taught me about love, laughter and beauty on the inside and out.

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