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The Lesson by J.G. McGlothern December 10, 2009

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This weekend my 8 year old daughter and I are participating in a piano recital.  Her first, my second, but first in 30 years.

We’ve been taking turns at home honing our chosen pieces.  When I played my two recital songs for my piano teacher this week, she had words of praise.  I didn’t play them perfectly, I only counted halfway through Charlie Chaplin’s, Smile, but she commented on the way I handled my mistakes.

You kept on playing when you played the G instead of the F note, you didn’t stop when you made a mistake.  That’s what we need to do in life, she went on to say. 

I’d like to think that is how I handle my life mistakes.  Just pick up my hand and keep playing.  No dwelling.  No regrets, just moving forward.

This is a lesson I’m trying to teach my son and daughter.  So the other day when my 5 year old son got pissed at his older sister, I reminded him to forgive, move on, Get Over It…I wanted to scream, biting my lip.  It was actually something I needed to hear more than he did that day.  It has been a tough week between me and my son.  A tough few weeks, but a really tough week.  Talk about pissing someone off.  He has pushed every button.

What I need to do is forgive him, move on.  Love him where he is, pick up and keep on playing.

It’s easier to do with a piano tune than in real life but I am still plucking along, singing the tune, remembering to just…SMILE.


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