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Melon on the Table by J.G. McGlothern December 16, 2009

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Redirection they tell us is a great way to move a child out of the nasty mood they are in at the moment.  Try bringing their attention to something else, they say.

So that’s what I did at dinner the other night.  There we were, the four of us, my son demanding too much attention with his emotions spilled out all over, spitting at us with his crappy mood. In between whining about what was on his plate my son asked, Do you have any watermelons, mama?

Possessed by the desire to have a peaceful meal with my family, I decided from somewhere at the core of my being to make a joke.  Quite aware of the possible outcome.  Honey I don’t have any watermelon but mama sure does have a couple melons. My husband rolled his eyes, knowing exactly how deep the water was that I was plunging into.  So there at the dinner table, my children learned the other meaning of melons.  Firmly instructing, What happens at the kitchen table, stays at the kitchen table.

So of course ever since my children have asked, Can I see your melons? Which I have promptly replied, You may NOT.

But that night at the dinner table we turned whining, tears, and chaos to laughter.


2 Responses to “Melon on the Table by J.G. McGlothern”

  1. Marcia Metcalf Says:

    Love it — both of them. I am smiling!!!! Thanks M

  2. Jenny Kanevsky Says:

    This is wonderful! This morning Lucas almost lost it b/c Theo finished the milk (there was more in the fridge). As he panicked and I told him I had more, he still wouldn’t calm down. So I said “silly, I have a cow in the backyard.l he had a funny look on his face wondering whether or not to believe me. At that moment Tim, having heard this from upstairs, started mooing. It was hilarious. Good work melon-lady! God bless those boobs.

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