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Out of the Womb by J.G. McGlothern December 16, 2009

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A year or so ago the birth of a great joke began between me and my husband.  It was bed time.  Our son was tired, emotionally strung out as were we, dealing with his tantrum.  My husband, who rarely gets upset, was noticeably frustrated with our son’s drama.

I whispered to him, Just pretend he is coming out of my womb and you are seeing him for the first time.  You are filled with nothing but love for him.

Okay…I’ll try it.  He said unconvincingly.  Things eventually calmed down and the children were soon asleep.

Later in the kitchen over a cup of hot tea I told my husband how a friend told me about visualizing your child those first few moments upon entering the world, when they are driving you crazy, can help calm the storm.  Sending love to them dissipates your anger.

On many occasions when our son is challenging us beyond all limits, we turn to each other and say, He is coming out of the womb.  The words jolt us out of our frustration and if not bring us to feelings of blissful love, at least make us laugh.

The other morning my son woke up in a tantrum, nothing was going his way and he’d only been out of bed five minutes.  My husband pulled me in close for hug and whispered in my ear…He’s coming out of your womb.

Well shove him back in, I retorted.  I then went on, Do you remember what he did after they placed him on my belly dear husband? Silence.  He pooped all over me.

Oh, that’s right, he responded.  We didn’t need caffeine this morning, we were cracking ourselves up and smiling about it.

The pooping on me after the womb had seemed like a foreshadowing five and a half years later, you’d think he’d be done by now.

They poop on us, scream at us, ignore us, give us heartburn, but only for moments.  Then in a flash they kiss us, love us, make us laugh and capture our hearts all over again.



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