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Singing Love —Tradition Part III by J.G. McGlothern December 25, 2009

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Did two new things with our kids this year that I intend to carry on as Christmas traditions.

The Saturday before Christmas we bundled up and joined three other families on an evening adventure.  With thermoses filled with hot buttered run, Baileys and coffee and hot cocoa we hit the wet streets of our neighborhood with song sheets in hand and Santa hats on our heads.  We caroled our way, pausing at homes to “Deck the halls”, “Wish you a Merry Christmas”, remind neighbors “To not cry or pout” and to remember “That all is calm and all is bright.”  We were off key, sometimes singing together, sometimes not, having a ball.  If folks didn’t hear us from inside their homes, our kids would ring their doorbell or knock on their front door.  It was Halloween all over again this time we were giving the treat.

We are already discussing a name for our group and have plans to laminate our song sheets to protect them from the rain.  We want to start practicing after Thanksgiving next year.  I felt like Will Ferrell’s, Elf, “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing loud, for all to hear.”

On Christmas Eve my kids decorated six lunch sacks and we filled each one with a homemade turkey sandwich, Satsuma, apple, two cookies and a napkin.  Then I instructed my husband to drive us down First Avenue.  We kept our eyes open for someone who could use a free lunch.  The first man had a dog and we wished we had packed dog treats.  He happily accepted the lunch, thanking us as he continued to hold up his sign.  The next man loved the kids “artwork” on his bag and had to tell us he was a heathen.  We didn’t want to preach only hand out a meal.

The next woman had no idea what I was handing her as she continued to hold up her empty plastic green cup asking passer-bys for donations.

The next man, broke my heart, then healed it right there on the sidewalk.  Selling Real Change newspapers I asked him if he would like a lunch?  He immediately said, Yes, oh yes, thank you. Merry Christmas, he went on to say over and over.  Then back in the passenger side of our car, waving good bye, he hollered at me…I love you. And right there from the passenger side of our car, I hollered back to him…I love you.

My daughter saw my tears and said, Mama this selling lunches is a good idea.

We gave the last lunches to a group of guys I am pretty sure were smokin’ some Mary Jane.  I figured they were hungry and called it good.

The act was done so quickly, I wanted to go home and make more turkey sandwiches.  Giving was so easy, why hadn’t I done this before?


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