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Routine by J.G. McGlothern January 8, 2010

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I couldn’t wait for Monday to happen and for my kids to get back to school and all of us get back to our schedule.  Kids thrive on regular routine and structure as do I.  But this week through me for a loop.  I was looking forward to my four days of hot yoga, by two walking dates with girlfriends, then the unexpected happened.  My ankle woke me up in the middle of the night with shooting pain traveling up my leg and in the morning I discovered I needed to ice my ankle.  How had my ankle become swollen?  What did I do?  I didn’t remember twisting it or falling or drinking so much that I blocked out a period of time waking up in a strange place.  Did I time travel?

Two friends think it is O-L-D – A-G-E, another says tendonitis, and my acupuncturist is stumped.

I was forced to live simply like my resolution suggested.  Every night the family was together instead of me running off to exercise or meet with friends.  We played games and spent more time reading.  I didn’t go nuts knowing my ankle will heal soon and I’ll be back to my routine again.

Getting off schedule helps us appreciate routine and teaches us that veering from our regular route can bring new inspiration, new growth and yes, joy.

But don’t talk to me next week if my ankle is still swollen, I might have to time travel.


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