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Chocolate Wishes, Chocolate Kisses and Those Chocolate Eyes by J.G. McGlothern January 14, 2010

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As much as we struggle – I’m gonna miss him.

Next year my son starts kindergarten so on Tuesday we walked hand in hand down the long hallway of the registration building and together turned in his paperwork. Afterward we drove to Krispy Kreme and I let my little five year old order a chocolate covered donut with chocolate milk to wash it all down. Sipping my tea and eating my chocolate glazed cake donut I watched his every move. Taking in all his sips, swallows, gulps, paying attention to his jaw as he chewed and his eyes when he paused to look around. Those big chocolate brownie eyes. We have the place to ourselves, mama – he tells me with his chocolate breath.

He exasperates me, stretches me, pushes me, but my little buddy will be off to big school next year. This is my wake up call to enjoy every minute for in a blink those minutes will be gone.

When we walked hand in hand back to the car, I was taken back to a time when I was four and I had my mom all to myself while my siblings were at school. I especially remember going to the Orowheat bread store, filling the cart with day old loaves of bread that we would store in the freezer. I was in heaven. Mama and bread – did I need more?

On Tuesday as me and my boy were together I vowed to cherish, value, appreciate, honor our time because do I really need any more than him and a chocolate donut? Isn’t this gift enough?

As much as we struggle – I’m gonna miss him.


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