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Add It to The List by J.G. McGlothern January 26, 2010

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I am a list maker.  Daily “To Do” lists are found on my kitchen counter or attached to the fridge. I keep lists in my journal of dreams, goals, ideas.  Once in awhile my husband and I make a “home project” list.  I am a visual person so seeing my mind’s thoughts on paper helps me turn things into reality.  Plus like most parents, I forget stuff and seeing it in black ink reassures no one gets left at soccer practice.

When I need to remember to include self-care on my daily “To Do” list I put those things at the top of the list. If it’s at the bottom, I am putting myself last.  And that is just plain stupid. By putting my needs last, no one in the family is getting the good side of me now are they?

When my hubby and I get together with friends it is often expected that I get “The List” conversation started around the dinner table.  Yep, grown adults taking turns sharing which “top 10 celebrities” we’d have a one night fling with or sometimes I switch it up and we list dinner guests, dead or alive are acceptable.

For the next two weeks I have made a commitment to myself to try a new list.  Every day in my journal I am listing 40 things I am grateful for.  On day one, the list took awhile to complete.  I am practicing being aware of all there is to appreciate and give thanks for in my life.  I am not getting graded and no one else will see it.  It’s a list for me.  A reminder to be grateful, a kick in the butt to remember all is well and that life is good.

I am curious where my list of 40 will take me these next two weeks. On my third grateful list for the week, I am discovering, after practice, the list fills up fast.


One Response to “Add It to The List by J.G. McGlothern”

  1. Rick Rosenkranz Says:

    Nicely said, J-Mac. I once did a “100 things I’m thankful for” list. It was quite the eye-opener. I should dust that list off and look at it again, or do another one now and compare it to the old one.

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