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Accountability Partners – Practice Part III February 5, 2010

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I love how the universe works to support us.

Eight years ago I was seeking some faith connection…I received a call from a long time church friend who was starting a women’s faith sharing group, Was I interested in joining?, she asked. Yes, I responded. Still going strong in our eighth year we meet twice a month to share our journey and listen to others share theirs.  A constant reminder that my faith is important to me and one way to deepen it is to share the struggles and joys with others as I learn from their stories, twists along the path that lead to growth and discovery, abundance.

I decided I wanted to be a writer sometime around college.  Ever since then when I am in that, “ I wanna write but procrastinate” mood, a fellow writer stumbles onto my path.  Two years ago a friend told me, You should meet So-in-So she is a writer too.  So So-in-So was standing in front of my daughter’s school on a lovely September day and I introduced myself.  Now me and So-in-So meet once a week to keep each other accountable.  We share our weeks writing goals and report our progress.  Then we just write.

Recently during one of our writing sessions a friend stopped by.  When I shared that So-in-So and I were writing partners and that we met every Thursday, he immediately responded, You’re practicing, that’s great.  He got it.  He understood how important writing was to us and he was honoring our practice.  He didn’t stay long to chat, perhaps feeling like he was walking on sacred ground.

For that is what your practice is…sacred.  The act of honoring what you value and paying attention to your Divine within.

I feel abundantly blessed to have so many accountability partners.  There’s my Monday and Friday walking partners, Monday faith group, my Tuesday piano teacher, Thursday writing partner…I could go on.  Exercise, nurturing my faith, playing music, writing…all ways I fill my cup as a mother and as a woman. 

There have been so many other times when I have wanted to achieve a goal or try something to better myself, when someone has come along and either wanted to do the same thing, providing me with a partner in crime or offered the perfect suggestion, the title of a book, a bit of advice to set me moving forward on my path. No coincidence.  Definitely no accident.

Who keeps you accountable in your practice?  Who helps keep you honest?

by J.G. McGlothern


2 Responses to “Accountability Partners – Practice Part III”

  1. Sukie Curtis Says:

    Hi, Jenny! I’ve been a bit off the blog map, and I want to say I love your practice series! So helpful! And such good reminders. I have been recognizing my own need/desire for accountability partners, too. So this is perfect!


  2. sonya Says:

    miss so-n-so, or is that so-so? so silly… 🙂
    Love all your blogs, haven’t had a chance to read for a while but recommended your blog to a couple friends today and thought it was time I caught up on my reading.
    Thanks for the practice this morning. 🙂

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