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Off The Page February 9, 2010

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As I am learning to play It’s a Wonderful World on the piano, my teacher noticed I was being hung up by the page.  The music was holding me back.  So for the last two weeks I have been learning the song by memory with the sheet music folded up and put away. 

So scary at first. You want me to what?

Learn it without reading it.  She was right, looking at the sheet music, slowed me down.

So line by line, chord by chord I am learning the song without reading the page in front of me.  It feels liberating. 

How many things do we do by the book only to learn the book is getting in the way?

It should have sounded right to me the first time. This is how I cook, I don’t follow recipes.  They hold me back.  I look at the ingredients, read the general gist of the recipe, then just start cooking.

And isn’t that how we parent?  We talk to friends, learn from what our parents did or didn’t do, read an article here and there…then we turn our eyes from the page and start catching what we get thrown.

And in the end every is alive, and maybe less bruised then if we kept our eyes on the page.  All it takes is trust.

by J.G. McGlothern


One Response to “Off The Page”

  1. sonya Says:

    ahhh, so true.

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