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The Dead Stuff February 21, 2010

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Pruning my neighbor’s hydrangea this afternoon took time.  I am not always patient for tedious tasks.  But I offered, it was my idea, I approached her.  By trimming off the dead stuff the entire plant took on a new shape. 

My neighbor and I are looking forward to spring and new growth from her hydrangea that borders our front lawn and separates our two properties.  We are curious about the new shape and how it will grow and branch out.

She was grateful for someone else doing the work.  I discovered that I was more patient pruning her plant then I have been in the past with pruning my own.  I usually want it done, eyes closed, I hack away.  This time it was someone else’s plant.  Her garden perfect husband, now watching me from the otherworld was with me, pleading me to go slowly and not to hack blindly.  When Jeff was alive we would often be in our front yards at the same time.  He moved carefully, with great purpose and intention.

I think today I was learning from his previous ways.  Moving with purpose and going slow I realized I was mirroring where I am in my life.  Slowly cutting off what doesn’t work anymore, bitching, complaining, negativity.  Creating room for new growth.

By J.G. McGlothern


One Response to “The Dead Stuff”

  1. Rick Rosenkranz Says:

    Nice insight, Jennifer, especially with the tie-in of the garden perfect, now deceased, husband.

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