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Unexpected March 5, 2010

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In my attempts to follow out my New Year’s Resolution of one drawer, one room at a time I cleaned out our bedroom closet yesterday.  I have five large bags in the back of the car ready for drop off. I feel lighter.

I intended to clean out a different room yesterday but was drawn to our closet.  Sometimes we can’t control what needs working on next in our lives, we usually have a different plan.  The closet wasn’t on my agenda.  I wanted to work on a room downstairs because we will be having friends over to watch the Oscars and I wanted to get the kids toys organized and scaled down.  Turns out my energy needed to be directed to the closet I share with my husband.  I was hanging on to things that no longer serve me, I was saving them just in case. I was also hanging on to things that are worn, stained, not really presentable.  No surprise I feel lighter having shed those clothing items and vacuuming out the dust covered floor.

My husband and I haven’t had much time for each other lately.  We also are two very independent creatures.  Fridays are his soccer night but there is a Bye this week, so no game.  I took the opportunity to plan a date night.  Sitter is coming over and it doesn’t matter where we go or what we do, we are just both craving and needing time together.

Friday is normally my night to watch a movie since my husband is at soccer at not a movie guy.  We can’t always control what gets put in our path can we? We can only be aware when opportunities, little gifts of light come our way.  By letting go of my normal “Friday: ME TIME”,  I gain “Friday: US TIME” instead.  Something I need more, something completely unexpected.

By J.G. McGlothern


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