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Contest. Enter Drawing by answering a question AND visiting www.peacelovebasketball.com !

You can win a hip, super comfy, organic cotton T-shirt from Sonya’s Full Court Design Collection to keep you stylish, a journal to keep you honest and a notepad to keep you organized.

My friend Sonya and I are back at it….more writing, more questions, more contest fun….it’s madness I tell you! This time around the contest is for an important cause.  You can help PeaceLoveBasketball’s March Madness – Mo vs. ALS to raise money for former University of Washington Women’s basketball standout Melissa Erickson as she fights the battle against ALS.  5o% of March Profits go to the Melissa Erickson Foundation. Visit www.peacelovebasketball.com to learn more and to check out all of Full Court Design’s fabulous t-shirts and sweatshirts.

For our contest all you have to do is take a moment and ponder a question in one of the 3 blogs in my March Madness series and leave your answer in the comment section of my Heartwriter’s Blog AND visit  www.peacelovebasketball.com, and become a FaceBook fan by clicking on the “fan” button. By leaving your comment on Heartwriter’s Blog and becoming a PeaceLoveBasketball Fan, your name will be entered into a hat for our April 6th drawing.  Answer all 3 questions in my March Madness series and your name will be entered 3 times. (If you are not a FB member, no worries, go to www.peacelovebasketball.com and click on the Contacts link, in the subject header write “Heartwriter March Madness Contest” and your name will still be entered in the drawing.)

The Game  – March Madness Part I

I’m a chica. A Pacific Northwest born and raised gal who would much rather play a sport than watch it being played from the sidelines or on TV. EXCEPT during March Madness.

I married a sports addict, definitely much better than marrying an axe murderer, but none the less he is glued to the tube during the whole Big Dance and then he attends the Final Four religiously, every year for the last 16 years.  The game has worn off on me.  I participate in a NCAA pool, I pay attention to my picks and I stand up during the last final minutes of the game when the intensity is too much to bare sitting on the couch.  This coming from the girl who thought field goals only happened in football and is still learning the penalty difference for technical vs. personal fouls.

The outcome of the game changes in a blink of an eye.  The players are playing with everything they got, their hearts on their sleeves, their souls in the basket.  Much like raising children.

Moods change in a blink of an eye.  Children and parents giving all they got,  hearts on sleeves, souls hanging in the balance.

You may not be watching any of the games this March Madness, but being married, thank God once again not to an axe murderer but to a sports addict, I am.  I even confess I watched a game when my hubby wasn’t here.  The number one seeded teams are dropping like flies, the underdogs are having their fifteen minutes of fame and I am winning our pool. 

Madness. I tell you. Fun madness.

So here I am not the spectator type, absorbed, watching the end of the game like it was the end of a Merchant Ivory film.  Engrossed. Heart pumping, filled with hope for my team.  My team.  The fact that I have a team is even laughable.  (Of  course it’s the one with the cuter uniforms.)

This year the Final Four is held on Easter weekend. Who planned that? It’s not exactly forcing my husband to choose between Jesus and The Big Dance, but some may see it that way.  Tradition is tradition.  Jesus will still rise, and The Dance will go on.  This means hubby will be in Indianapolis cheering on the lucky basketball players who make it to the final phase of March Madness.  I will be single mom, Easter Bunny, cook, making sure my son has matching socks for Sunday mass and that I take care of myself during the time my husband is away.  Momentary madness of balance, remembering to breathe through it all.  Just like the players who will take a deep breath before they release the ball, standing at the free-throw line.

Tell us about an example in your life that expresses the opposite side of yourself? I don’t like spectator sports but I love watching men’s college hoops in March.  Post your comment on this blog and make sure you visit www.peacelovebasketball.com to become a Fan and to support March Madness – Mo vs. ALS. 


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