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Thank You – Gratitude Part I April 6, 2010

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Around our house we are the manner Nazis.  My husband even worse than I am, reminding the kids to say please and thank you, every time they happen to forget.

I am so grateful when they use their polite words in public, but I am even more grateful when they use them with each other and with their mom.

So we spend all this effort raising polite children, but do we fail to point out the depth those words create?  Do we fail to help them see beyond the words?

Before I begin my ninety minute hot yoga, moving meditation I try to remember to choose a word as my focus for that day’s practice.  A one word mantra for that yoga session.

A few days ago and again today I chose two words…Thank You.

When my mind would wander and lose that body/mind connection, I would say, Thank You to myself.

When I was upside down with sweat dripping up my nose and I was fantasizing about diving into the ocean to cool off, I would say, Thank You.

Whether I was in the middle of a pose with legs shaking, or resting peacefully on my back, practicing stillness, the words would not just come to my mind and form on my lips, but they would be written on my heart.

Thank You, for my mom taking my son this morning so I could be here, sweating on this mat, connecting with what matters.

Thank You, for the instructor forgetting to show up to teach, so another instructor who was there to practice could not only unlock the door and let us in, but step forward and lead us in an amazing, kick-my-butt class.

Then and maybe most importatnly, to myself, Thank You, for showing up.  Thank You, for putting myself first this morning.

Thank You is not just a polite phrase to demonstrate good manners.  These words show acknowledgemet and can create quiet movement, deep within.

When was the last time you thanked yourself for just showing up? 

by J. G. McGlothern


3 Responses to “Thank You – Gratitude Part I”

  1. Good stuff Jenny. Thank you.

  2. Jenny, I have been thinking about your post a lot. I love how appreciative you and your family are, to each other, the world. Manners are so important, gratitude is key. I just want to point out one thing, the use of the word “Nazi.” I know you, so I know how you meant it which is why it has taken me so long to comment. I will say, however, that I feel such casual use of that word is harmful. When we do this, we change what that word really stands for which is for a group of people who advocated eradication of another group of people based on religion (ethnicity/sexual orientation, etc. would also suffice). I hear this word used in casual conversation so much and it concerns me. Just a reminder of what Nazis were . . . you and Rob, hardly not. You’re amazing parents who care about your children and want to help them to become caring contributors to society. Please take this in the spirit in which it is intended, gently feedback dear friend.

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