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Less is More – Prayer Part III May 24, 2010

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To me thinking of prayer as a something that can only happen with eyes closed, hands clasped, done in  a church, at night, by myself with a wish list in hand is completely missing the point.

Beating ourselves up for not praying is also ridiculous.  I am striving to live my life as a prayer – engaged, open, aware, leaving the controlling thoughts out of it and just showing up, being present.  Be it in the shower shaving my legs, driving kids to swim practice, in the kitchen stirring the soup pot.  It doesn’t matter where, when, or even what I am wearing or who I am with.

For me it is about being attentive in the stillness and keeping my mouth shut and my mind turned off.  A challenge of course but I keep trying.

By J.G. McGlothern


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