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Candle Light — Prayer Part IV May 27, 2010

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A few years ago I attended a writer’s workshop on a Pacific Coast island, not far from my home.  Our leader talked about creating our own space to write.  She gave us some helpful tools indicating we don’t need a room of our own to write in, we can create that space where ever we go.

And just now, as I sit to write this at 11 o’ clock at night I am reminded of how I can make this crowded, cluttered office space in our basement, my own space, a room of my own.  And it is with the same tool I use to pray…a candle.

It’s been cold and raining a lot the last few days even though the Lilac tree has bloomed and gone and school will be out in a few weeks. So I did what I do a lot of in the winter, lit candles.  The aroma warms me and the light calms me filling me with quiet joy.

When a friend calls to say she needs prayers or I read about something in the newspaper that disturbs me, I don’t confuse the issue with words, nor do I fall to my knees with my hands open to the sky.  I just light a candle.  The light of the candle reminds me others are hurting and need light.  And then frankly, I forget about it. I thought of my friend’s need when I lit the candle and now the rest will play out as intended.

Tonight, I wanted to write, I wasn’t feeling like I was done with this Prayer Series, but I also am reading a couple of good books and wanted to get to bed and read one of them.  To bless my writing time, honor it as my sacred my space, I brought the sweet smelling candle lit in the kitchen down to the basement.  I didn’t need a perfectly clean office to be present to the light of the candle.  The flame was enough to carry me to the space of filling the blank page. 

We don’t need to be perfect to come to prayer all we need to do is light the match, the rest will happen as intended.

by J.G. McGlothern