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Planting Seeds June 2, 2010

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Memorial Day weekend, in family tradition, we plant our vegetable garden.  I wanted to get to it before Memorial Day Weekend but we have had too much going on and the weather has been so uncooperative, I saved it for this past weekend.  I am a native and  I quite aware of rain in Seattle on this holiday weekend, but not on all three days. So the vegetable garden still isn’t planted.

Instead this weekend the hubby, kids and I just hung out.  Did nothing major, played a few games, slept in, ate all of our meals together, watched movies, just were together with no agenda under the same roof.  Now that was a seed I needed to plant.  Time with family without a mission, a schedule, a plan.  I think we all needed it.

This week back in reality we are carrying on the fruits of the weekend, reading more together, talking more together, drawing together.  Just being in those moments of no agenda, no plan, no schedule.

Kids and parents are so busy these days, what a life giving gift it is to just be together and watch each other bloom.

by J.G. McGlothern


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