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Bird Circle — Church Part I June 3, 2010

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Mama, do you wanna know what Mr. Chung does?  My son says to me as I’m preparing dinner.  Not even aware at the moment that Mr. Chung is a dinosaur bird character on the TV show, Dinosaur Train.

Please tell me, I say quite curious.

He does this, he tells me as he sits cross legged on the kitchen floor, arms resting on his knees with his thumb and middle finger of each hand forming a circle.  Ommm. He is Mr. Yoga there on the floor, eyes closed.  Centered, calm.

Then in a flash his eyes open all big and wide, he bounces to his feet and asks, Can we have church after dinner?  Every now and then the four of us gather in the living room and light a candle on the coffee table, my daughter either plays a song on the piano or reads us a poem.  My son gets one of his stuffed animals and we pass it around taking turns speaking about what we are thankful for or what is burning in our hearts.  When my son is passed the stuffed monkey and it is his turn to speak he tells us, I am thankful for my family and this roof over our heads.  Then he passes the stuffed animal to his sister and she decides to pass, to keep her prayers and words close to her heart. 

It’s all good, no rules here at “family church” except to listen and respect each other when the others are sharing.

I love that sitting in a yoga position like Mr. Chung the dinosaur bird, makes my son think of church.  When I am at the yoga studio where I practice yoga that is one way I “do” church.  My ninety minute moving meditation allows me to focus on what is before me, letting the words of the instructor guide my next move, trying to clear my head and be present.  Just like my own little Mr. Chung on the kitchen floor.  Church doesn’t just have to be somewhere we go to. It can be creating “church” in our hearts wherever we are.

by J.G. McGlothern


3 Responses to “Bird Circle — Church Part I”

  1. holy007lotus Says:

    waw… that’s wonderful 🙂

  2. Sukie Curtis Says:

    Love this–the image of your son sitting meditation-like on the kitchen floor, your “family church” (David and I pass a stuffed animal between the two of us when that’s what’s at hand). All of it.

  3. Sonya Says:

    ahhh…I love it!

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