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Here Now June 15, 2010

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Our son graduated from pre-school last night and turns six this summer.  Kindergarten begins in the fall.  Endings and beginnings. So when I asked him how he feels about entering kindergarten in the fall he says, “Sad, I am going to miss pre-school.” 

I get anxious and worry for a moment. Why do I have this urge to rush him to the next stage? He is demonstrating a great lesson I need and that is to live in the present. He is exactly where he needs to be. Here he just ended one stage in his academic career and I am ready to push him to the next.  Why do I need to engage in a conversation about kindergarten when it is only June and he just ended pre-school, yesterday. 

Summer is here for a reason.  The in between time to soak in the last season, grieve endings, gain strength and perspective for the next stage.  I am going to let my son be as he feels and feel as he is, for that is exactly where he should be.  What a lesson he has taught me on a Tuesday afternoon.  Be here today for tomorrow is not yet. Duh!

by J.G. McGlothern


One Response to “Here Now”

  1. Sukie Curtis Says:

    Lovely. Yay for you for getting the lesson. And for your son for giving it.

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