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Intention – Words To Live By Part I June 17, 2010

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live with  intention.

walk to the edge.

listen hard.

practice wellness.

play with abandon.


choose with no regret.

continue to learn.

appreciate your friends.

do what you love.

live as if this is all there is.

-mary anne radmacher

This quote was on a birthday card I received this winter.  The eleven lines of wisdom printed out in a rainbow of colors against a black background. For a month it caught my attention every morning attached to the fridge.  The words poked at my heart urging me to pay attention.

In an attempt to de-clutter the kitchen, I removed everything from the fridge except one magnet, “Love”.  I kept that front and center.  I put the card in a drawer and forgot about it until the other day, during another attempt to de-clutter.

I need to ask myself, Am I living with intention? To live this way I must ask myself the big question – the one that doesn’t typically get asked.  What are the desires of my heart? To be aware of those desires and to make small intentional steps toward living them out, even if not fully reaching the end is perhaps living with intention.

For years I have been envious of people who read all the time, able to complete a book a week, or more.  Some thirteen or fourteen years ago I started a book club that as of today remains active.  I have a stack of books by my bed and an office with full book shelves.

With these two small intentional steps I have been slowly moving toward becoming the reader I want to become.

Until recently our living room coffee table has been clutter free.  My clear space – providing calm.  With a soon to be third grader and a kindergartner in the house I no longer clear the coffee table.  These little readers seem to have a similar intention.  The table is currently full of library books for the kids with one or two of mine tossed in the mix.  Underneath the table is a basket of beginner reading books for our son – for one day soon he will be able to read without our help.

Now this full space provides purpose – reminding me of how important the written word is to me, regardless if its words about a wimpy middle schooler, alphabet rhymes or Jane Austen like descriptions of the countryside.

In order to make steps toward my true heats desire I had to clear away the tidiness.  A little mess is leading me to a place I want to be.

Although I may have good intentions to read a book a week or more, I won’t get there with a clear coffee table or clutter free night stand.  For the book stacks remind me of what I love and how I want to live.

by J.G. McGlothern


2 Responses to “Intention – Words To Live By Part I”

  1. Sukie Curtis Says:

    I love the playing between decluttering/tidiness and the untidiness that’s part of your intention!

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