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Laugh — Words To Live By Part VI June 26, 2010

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live with  intention.

walk to the edge.

listen hard.

practice wellness.

play with abandon.


choose with no regret.

continue to learn.

appreciate your friends.

do what you love.

live as if this is all there is.

-mary anne radmacher

Sitting on a deck chair at my daughter’s swim team practice last week I laughed out loud, so loud no one turned to look.  I was reading, Are You There Vodka? It’s Me Chelsea, by Chelsea Handler.  I’m new to the place, maybe they didn’t know what to do with me.  I haven’t read a book that had me laugh so hard in such a long time.

As I kept biting my tongue and chuckling, my son asked, What’s so funny mama?  

Well, honey I wish I could tell you but it’s sort of inappropriate for kids.  I read a few more pages, laughing uncontrollably again.  My son begged to know what was so funny.  Without giving in totally, I paraphrased the story for kid ears.

Laughing out loud at a book a movie, a husband’s witty remark, a child’s impersonation – doesn’t get a whole lot better.

Last night in the living room my husband was reading Are You There Vodka? It’s me Chelsea and he laughed out loud mid-sentence.  I wanted to know what part, was she babysitting the kid with the sugar addiction or eating at the restaurant in London?

I laughed again when he told me it was the part when Chelsea was in prison.  We laughed together and that right there is one of the reasons I married him – he makes me laugh.

by J.G. McGlothern


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