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Choose With No Regrets — Words To Live By Part VII June 29, 2010

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live with  intention.

walk to the edge.

listen hard.

practice wellness.

play with abandon.


choose with no regret.

continue to learn.

appreciate your friends.

do what you love.

live as if this is all there is.

-mary anne radmacher

In the Diary of a Wimpy kid, Greg’s mom tells her son that it’s the choices that we make that make us who we are.

I’d like to take that line a step further and say it is how we handle our choices and their results that make us who we are.

Such a loaded, heavy line for a gal that has often struggled with choices.  The big choices were easy; the college – not many would have me, the job – drug dealer or topless dancer, the husband – again drug deal or topless dancer, the kids – keep them or get rid of them.  Yes, no regrets. 

It’s the little decisions that turn my hair grey.  So I try to think, what will give me the most peace and even that doesn’t help so then I tell myself no choice is a wrong choice.  Yes, I am aware drug dealer and topless dancer would have both been bad choices for myself, not that there is anything wrong with being a topless dancer, but I wouldn’t have made much money that’s for sure.  And I would have hurt myself with the pole thingy.  Yet, I digress.  And that is often how I need to handle decision making, with a bit of humor.  I make it all so serious so stressful for in the end I will learn from every choice and be all the more prepared the next time around.

It’s funny as my children’s teacher it is easier for me to point out the results of their choices but when it comes to my own decisions I hem and haw, scratch and ponder.  Then I take a breath and listen to my gut.  My gut rarely lets me down.  So thank the good Lord I passed on the whole drug dealer, topless gig – my gut just knew that wouldn’t have worked out so well.  And if it’s our choices that make us who we are J.G. McGlothern, the topless drug dealer just wouldn’t feel right.

by J.G. McGlothern


One Response to “Choose With No Regrets — Words To Live By Part VII”

  1. Laura Douglas Says:

    I love quotes. I am so jealous of writers like yourself and brilliants who can boil it all down to 1-2 sentences. This entry reminded me of one of my favorites (which I can’t find right now so this isn’t exact and I am not able to give credit where credit is due) but here it is:
    “The ability to make good decisions comes from the experience of making bad ones.”

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