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Appreciate Your Friends — Words To Live By IX July 3, 2010

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When I turned 40 over two years ago I gathered my mom, sisters and friends for a four day celebration at the ocean.  I wrote a poem about all the different friendships gathered in the room before me.  This week I dug out that poem and rewrote it fitting my friendships today which are the same, different, reshaped, new and still very very blessed and close to my heart.

Plenty To Go Around

We talk every day

I call once a week

you prefer email

our face to face conversations are best

I run into you at the right moment

Connecting once a week once a month once a year.

We knew each other in diapers

invented fun

double dated

took the same class

solved the world’s problems

discovered each other on our children’s playground

reconnected at the grocery store in book club introduced at a dinner party on Face Book

our  paths crossing because of the stars aligning our children’s ages our needs our desires


We have shared the same bathroom

airplane rides


pot of tea, bottle of wine


recipes, parenting nursing gardening advice



We meet for long walks

movie dates tea coffee gossip catching up

together we run walk practice yoga

creating words sacred space

bonds that won’t be broken but perhaps only shared for a short time

maybe forever

you are my running walking yoga writing meditating sharing – partner.

We sit in silence

never short on words

you are the talker

I am the talker

you listen

I listen.

We are mothers



planters of dreams

women who pray

artists, seekers of joy, enthusiastic readers, movie goers

dancers and drinkers of life.

We laugh

We cry

We listen

We laugh some more

I spill my heart

You let me

We come together when the other needs us most.

You are the circle that surrounds me

lifts me up when I am low

grounds me when I am in the clouds.

You are my sisters

my mothers

my confidants

my allies.

Without your friendship

I would be a single flower in a barren field

together we are a garden alive with color

full of grace

Bound by love.

 by J.G. McGlothern


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