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Live As If This Is All There Is — Words To Live By Part XI July 20, 2010

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For the last couple weeks, before I could begin to write about this, I had to try it on for size.  Who hasn’t heard this before? We all have at one time or another, right?  It is a beautiful expression, an absolutely wonderful way to experience this precious life of ours, but definitely not easy. Or is it? I had to try it out before spouting off about it.

In order to embrace this thought – this wise mantra it would require giving up living in the future.  Giving up my ego.  You know that little thing that gets in the way of it all.

I am not one who dwells on the past. I definitely can get lost though in the future, pondering “if only” and “when this” completely ignoring and oblivious to “NOW.”

This is all there is.  This life, this husband, these kids, my friends, this body, this brain — my little spot on the planet and that is enough.  That is being blessed to the moon and back.

Do I live that way now every day of my life?  Of course not.  I want a bigger kitchen, my kids to each have their own bedrooms and to participate in every activity they show interest in, my husband to love his job, for me to be a published author, to one day make lots of money doing what I love, to travel the world with my family and finally but really should be primary, to live more peacefully.

So the last couple weeks, I haven’t thought about the desire for a bigger kitchen, I have been cooking meals and creations in it with the help of my kids, getting messy in our small space, together.  My kids have been so exhausted from swimming, camping, playing, reading, being kids that their one bedroom has been a place for renewal not fighting.  Instead of rolling my eyes when my husband shares the stresses of his job, I have listened with love.  Instead of living in a tidy, perfectly clean home in my spare time I have been reading, napping, working on my tan, living as if this is all there is.  This small house with this big love inside.

In order to truly live as if this is all there is I have to be willing to shed a few wishes, to be more grateful, every single day.  And to live in the moment, live for right now because this is all there is and this is truly enough.  And when I get lost in the future, in the sea of “if only” and ”when this”, I will remember this summer.  The summer when I let the house be a mess and we read 100 books and baked with chocolate and had brown cheeks and water in our ears, living as if this is all there is.


2 Responses to “Live As If This Is All There Is — Words To Live By Part XI”

  1. alison Says:

    This is a great piece, Jenny! Thank you!

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