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Chain Reaction July 27, 2010

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This morning I heard my husband toss and turn and get out of bed. Instead of my usual sleeping through it I found myself lying awake in bed far earlier than I wanted to be.  My mind rolled over un-answered emails and remembered some out of town friends wrote yesterday that they may be coming to town soon.  I would love to see them.  Then my mind remembered the messy guest bedroom they’d be sleeping in.  Then one thought lead to another and the next thing I was doing lying in bed at 6 am in the morning was planning painting our downstairs bathroom, cleaning out the garage, getting rid of kids’ toys in the basement.  They weren’t happy thoughts, I was stressing out about things I thought I “should” be doing to prepare for friends who may be coming for a visit later this summer.

I wanted to stop the insanity.  I hopped out of bed, put on my walking shoes, grabbed the dog and went for a walk.  Outside the sun was shining.  There were no boxes to take to Good Will, no rooms to paint and rearrange, just nature.  Me, my dog and the sunshine.  OH, and the beautiful flowers.  So I started being grateful and by the third block I was sporting a new mind.  A mind present to all around me not tasks I thought I needed to worry about.

Heading back to our house I remembered the date.  July 27.  Then I remembered my dad died 8 years ago today. Remembering my dad loved flowers, back home I watered the front porch plants, picked some hydrangea blossoms and went inside to make myself a bowl of oatmeal.  As the oatmeal slowly cooked on the stove top I ran into the vacuum my husband left out.  I made sure the oatmeal was on low and just quickly vacuumed the living room.  I saw how this could lead to no good. So after only one room being vacuumed, I put the vacuum away.  I put the hydrangeas in vases and sat down and ate my oatmeal.

We direct these chain reactions in our lives don’t we?  One thing leads to another and if it is leading to no good we need to stop. Stop the insanity and do something to bring us back to the present.  Smell a hydrangea, watch oatmeal boil, pet a dog, remember a loved one.

Our friends won’t care how many toys are in the basement, they are coming to see us.  I get myself all worked up and the sun has barely risen.  What chain reaction will you create or put to a stop today? Do tell.

by J.G. McGlothern


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