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Pjs ’til Noon August 5, 2010

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On these gray summer mornings I have been hanging in my pjs…until…until I have to get dressed.  I am all about comfort, so why take off soft, baggy totally comfy clothing if I don’t have to?  On these mornings my children are getting fed, we are playing games, reading, engaged in life.  I am taking on projects like closets and drawers and all in the comfort of my pjs.

This morning just at 8 am my daughter asks to speak to me.  My 8 ½ year old is an independent soul, rarely wants to “talk” to me about something.  Her feelings are kept close to her sleeve, she is happy, confident, just doesn’t voice her feelings much like her mother or little brother.  Yep, just like her papa.

So I take it very seriously and am completely thrilled no matter what when she wants to tell me her feelings.  Mama, the other day when you were in your pajamas until noon, it didn’t feel like a day.

Scratch my head. Ask some questions. Ask her to try it again.  She gets all teary, also not a common thing with her, I’m not saying it right, but I don’t like it when you are in your pjs so long in the morning.

I wanted to crawl inside her brain and understand this remark.  Then I wanted to crawl inside her heart and love her closely.

When I was 8 my dad lived in his pjs and never came out of his bedroom.  If I had friends over I would pray he wouldn’t come out of his room.

I am thinking my daughter has a different feeling about me being in her pjs so I ask,  Are you embarrassed about me being in my pajamas, in case someone comes over?

Sort of, she replied.  I don’t know really I just don’t like it.

Right now it doesn’t matter exactly what triggered all of this, but what truly and deeply matters is that my sweet daughter expressed her feelings to me.  She wasn’t sure exactly what her feelings meant but they brought tears to her eyes and she came to me. I could do a back flip!

But first, I shower put on clothes and am writing about it at 9 am.  Tomorrow I might stay in my pjs later than today, but I’ll explain my feelings for wanting to be in them.  I won’t condemn her for her opinions, thoughts and feelings.  I will encourage her with love to explore them deeper.  Or just let it be for now and be grateful my daughter was comfortable enough to tell me her heart.

When I whisper the Reader’s Digest version of this in my husband’s ear he says, Let’s remember this when she’s a teenager.

Oh, yes….she will be in her pajamas way past noon and have lots more on her heart that she may hesitate to want to share with me.

by J.G. McGlothern


2 Responses to “Pjs ’til Noon”

  1. Sam Says:

    I remember being 8, walking around the house, sad, wishing I could tell my mother what was bothering me. I still have this problem. You’re daughter is a lucky girl. I’m going to get dressed now – there’s actually a little sun out today! Thank you for all of your postings –

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