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A Single Moment August 12, 2010

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It’s the small things.  The looks, the comments, the exchanges ever so brief but packed with meaning.

Last night I watched Colin Firth’s character, George, in the film A Single Man experience just that, the small connections.  The character struggles to find meaning in his life and determines at the end that it is the small connections with another human being that make life indeed meaningful.

It is so true.  The film was a reminder for me to be more aware and pay more attention to the small, what may at the moment seem small, yet so significant moments in a day.  For these interactions, spots of time add up and fill one’s life with depth, value and great meaning.

A good reminder for me to not be so quick to dismiss these experiences and to not spend so much energy if any on the misconnections in life.  The moments that leave me sad, frustrated and scratching my head.  Save my energy instead on the little moments that leave me awe struck, smiling, grateful, inspired and delighted with life and all its gifts.  The big, the small, the many the few.  The single moments packed with so much life.

by J.G. McGlothern


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