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Sleep On It September 27, 2010

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Thank you.


On Gratitude September 24, 2010

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They have a national day, an awareness week and an honorary month for just about everything these days. I learn about new ones all the time and am surprised by their occurrence.  I do think these special days are a good thing, another way of waking us up to the important things in life we forget to recognize.  We can get so caught up in the busyness of our own lives that the simple little things get pushed aside.

This week I was asked to be on a radio show to talk about starting my retreat business and learned that it was National Gratitude Week.  In the second half of the show author, Todd Jensen, joined our panel and shared about his new book out this week, On Gratitude.  Todd interviewed fifty celebrities about what they are grateful for in their lives.

Participating in the conversation and hearing what the other guests had to say about gratitude set me in motion this week to a place I have never fully ventured.  Yes, I write about ten things I am grateful for in my journal, maybe four – five times a week. Yes, I stop in my tracks and think of something I am grateful for when I start to spiral down into a bad mood.  This week however, I had the words thank you and thoughts of gratitude at the front of my brain, in the center of my heart, on a continual basis and I witnessed good things happen.  There was a shift in my attitude that remained central to by being.

I let stuff slide that would normally irritate and aggravate.  I journeyed to a new place that left me balanced, centered, aware instead of tired, unfocused and stressed.

It’s about doing it over and over, letting go of getting it perfect, and trusting in where you are, in the moment. What an incredible feeling to have the steps I have been trying to take on being grateful bring me to a new place, a place of breathing in gratitude and letting it penetrate my existence.

What steps do you take in your life to breathe in gratefulness?  I’d love to hear about them. Do tell?

by J.G. McGlothern

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Silent Expression September 22, 2010

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Instead of going to mass on Sunday my church experience was visiting my step-dad. Church for me is when you encounter the Divine within, be it yourself or in others. And boy or boy did I get a treat.  A nugget of love that I have been able to carry with me into my week.

Hal’s words are less and less these days but I am hearing him more than ever.  Once a feisty Norwegian Fisherman who barely let you get a word in, Hal now spends his days observing and loving deeply with very few words. He sits in his wheel chair speaking with his eyes. His eyes either light up when you visit or cloud over with tears.  His mouth is open but words don’t always come out.  Being in his presence you don’t need words just an empty, open hand so you can squeeze his back tightly.

On Sunday I came to his nursing room floor during lunch.  When the aid feeding him saw me she said, Oh, Hal can you tell us who this is?

He looked up, My neighbor, he reported in a big voice.

No worries, I’ve been called worse. I rubbed his back. I’ll take neighbor, but it’s me Jenny, your youngest.

His tears started flowing. Mouth opened, no words just more love pouring out of his tears and expression. He didn’t want anything more to do with lunch. He held my hand tightly and together we stared into each other’s eyes watching our tears flow.

I tried to feed him more lunch but he pushed away the liquid lunch (I know reader, you are thinking who wouldn’t push away a liquid lunch?).  He placed his hand on my shoulder squeezed, rubbed my back, hugged me hard.  I didn’t need words to know what he was saying, I knew full well, and I received those words in gratitude.  Years of words, moments of hurt, all blessed and forgiven in a touch, in a tear.

by J.G. McGlothern


Fly Fishing September 21, 2010

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Have you ever watched a fly fisherman?

They know just when to release their line

And when to reel it back in

Releasing it all over again

Back and forth

A beautiful dance

Fisherman and the river

When I sent my son off to kindergarten last week

I had to be a fly fisherman

And be assured my son would come back to me

Knowing I would have to release him again

It was up to me to create the beautiful dance

Between mother and son

Wading into our own river of transition

The dance would begin when I released my line

So I hugged him tight

Listened as he told me he loved me

Again and again

Watched as he walked through the sea of students

Swimming upstream

He wasn’t gone

Just testing new waters

Diving into the next adventure

 by J.G. McGlothern


Witness September 19, 2010

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I have this friend who faces her fears head on and with such a passion you can’t help but root for her. She sets her goals and never looks back.  Her determination is kinda scary.  Her attitude is inspiring and all I have to say is, you better step out of her way.

This morning I got to witness it all come together.  KG has been preparing for her first triathlon for probably a year now. But this wasn’t like any Josephine preparing for an athletic event, putting in time and miles.  KG has a fear of water.  Let me rephrase…had a fear of water.  A year ago she started reading books. Nine months ago she started taking swim lessons. Seven months ago she went on a retreat exploring her fears in her journal, setting her intentions in ink and sharing her goal with friends and strangers.

KG put in her time, plunged into lakes with her friend and training partner LR, put in the training hours and contemplated her quest.  With LR, the two of them set weekly goals and checked them off their lists.

For KG backing out wasn’t an option. She joked about drowning but as the days approached her real fears resurfaced. We talked about them and then I invited her to write her fears down on paper and then set them on fire.  She was game, for again not doing it, wasn’t an option.  She watched her fears burn up into smoke.

Then this morning she took the plunge and emerged victorious.  The lake didn’t swallow her and together her and her long time friend and training partner crossed the finish line hand in hand. KG’s husband and kids cheering her on were able to witness this wife and mother who they have seen set many other goals for herself but never one that included such a deep fear.

A deep fear that is now gone, burned to ash or swallowed up by the lake. Gone. She faced her fear and it went running.  My kids and I got to witness too.  Be witness to dreams coming true.  

Her tenacity was inspiring and gets me to thinking, what fears do I have in my life that I need to set to flame?  For in the absence of fear there is more room for growth, more room for beauty more room for life.

by J.G. McGlothern


Letting Go September 15, 2010

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Leave Room September 14, 2010

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Today at school drop off another parent commented to me, Oh, you have an empty nest now with your youngest in kindergarten.  How does that feel?

To tell the truth I don’t know yet because I haven’t created the space to swim in this new phase, be in it, feel it.  School just started last week and I highly anticipate that I will feel the spaciousness of the quiet nest more this week.  Last week with only three days of school I filled those six hour days with doing, volunteering in the class room, meeting friends, attending a yoga class, walking the dog, wading through email, assisting in coaching.  It was all movement with no space for stillness.  No room for emptiness.  For I know it is in the quiet moment, the space of time to breathe, the juncture to be, that I will feel what it really feels like to have my baby in school  — to not have a child at home with me.

We often fill up space so that we don’t have to feel or because frankly those feelings can be scary.  Right now I’m feeling like there is too much to do that I haven’t had the time to create that stillness.  To stand in the empty spot.  I am craving a handful of moments to be with the feelings of having an empty nest.  Or am I?  If I am craving it so badly why am I letting the space of time fill up, instead of leaving room?

What would my feelings look like if I made some room for them to surface?  Would I be scared of this time by myself?  Would I feel guilty for this new freedom?  Lonely? Or would I feel completely thrilled and elated and then not know where to go from there?

It is waiting for me.  I will leave room for the stillness and step into the empty spot to find out what is awaiting my discovery.

By J.G. McGlothern