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Fly Fishing September 21, 2010

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Have you ever watched a fly fisherman?

They know just when to release their line

And when to reel it back in

Releasing it all over again

Back and forth

A beautiful dance

Fisherman and the river

When I sent my son off to kindergarten last week

I had to be a fly fisherman

And be assured my son would come back to me

Knowing I would have to release him again

It was up to me to create the beautiful dance

Between mother and son

Wading into our own river of transition

The dance would begin when I released my line

So I hugged him tight

Listened as he told me he loved me

Again and again

Watched as he walked through the sea of students

Swimming upstream

He wasn’t gone

Just testing new waters

Diving into the next adventure

 by J.G. McGlothern


4 Responses to “Fly Fishing”

  1. I have really been enjoying your blog since I started following. I left you an award on my blog.

    Take care!

    • heartwriter Says:

      THANK YOU so much. I took a peek at your blog and will be back for more when I get the kids off to school. Thank you so much for your Blog Award, very cool. I’d love to know how you found my blog? Blessings to you in motherhood, blogging and all you do.

  2. Deirdre Says:

    This brought tears to my eyes this morning. I’ve read several stories and poems of the pain and joy in watching your child go off to school, but none as beautifully worded as this. What you have expressed takes in, not only the mother’s heart, but also the beauty there is in the bigger life-changing events, events we often resist. Thank you so much for writing this.

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