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I Knew You When October 1, 2010

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Running into someone from your past has its myriad of reactions.  Your head gets spinning into lost memories.  You smile, you cringe, you rejoice, you run in the opposite direction. It’s only bad if it’s a part of your past you want to run away from, right?  But if it’s a part of your past you forgot but want to remember again and perhaps hang onto a bit, that can only be some kind of lovely.

Last night I saw the boy from down the street for the first time in thirty years.  We looked into each other’s eyes and saw the memories of youth.  Lots of those memories pushed away, totally gone into space.  You don’t have to say much to the other, but smile.

I think it’s the fact that this person knew us before we knew who we were and thirty years later I am only now seeing me for who I am, putting the puzzle together.

That person knew you in those innocent days of playing chase, waiting at the bus stop, stumbling on the playground.   But in those days of innocence parents were divorcing, big things were happening in our little worlds.  No one else, not your spouse, best friend, soul-mate or new really close friends can ever know you as you were.  You can chat over a glass of wine or pot of tea and tell this important person in your life about your childhood, but the only people who will really get it are the ones who were there, thirty years ago, chasing you and just being a kid with you.

by J.G. McGlothern


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