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Alive and Well October 13, 2010

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This evening I spent an hour waiting to meet a friend at a neighborhood bar. She in the meantime, waited at another neighborhood bar.  Exhausting the blank pages of my journal and before I finished my pint of cider I walked back home.  My husband was just pulling up into the drive way. My friend came running down our stairs, she thought I was dead in an alley and sent my husband to look for me.

I thought she just fell asleep putting kids to bed and will not let me forget that she spent an hour thinking I was dead.

To make up for lost time we visited a third establishment and swapped stories. The live music sucked.   Didn’t know it was possible to mess up the 80’s, such a great decade of music. At least in my memory. The cider was warm and not as good as the one I drank alone earlier.  But the conversation was far better than any beverage.

How great to have friends you can stay up late with on a school night and how really great to have friends, at least I know of one, who will spend an hour imagining your death and funeral and feel really crappy about it.

by J.G. McGlothern


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