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Monday’s Random Thought November 29, 2010

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What if we took the word should out of the holiday season? What would your holiday look like? Would Hanukkah have eight days of presents?  Would Christmas have as many gifts under the tree?  I’m not trying to be the Grinch, I love gifts. I am simply asking myself to look at the unnecessary stress I create in preparing for Christmas.

What parts of the season do you cherish?  Think about the traditions and elements of the season that warm your heart not make it pump faster and hold your breath.

Last night my son, cradled my face in his hands and said, Mama do you believe in Santa? If you do, you should write him a letter and hang a stocking this year. That warmed my heart.  Then I started to get all stressed out because my kids wrote their letters to Santa asking for expensive gifts I know they won’t use, they had to think of something to write so they wrote down the first thing that came to their head.  My husband and I are going to be radical and not get them the exact things they asked for, instead other items they need and want, just didn’t tell Santa.

I freeze up with this whole Santa thing, wanting to get it right.  I was told at age 4 by an older sister, that Santa didn’t exist, but my two children have shown me otherwise.  Santa is one symbol of the Christmas Spirit. And if I believe that then I don’t have to get the expensive gift that will sit in the closet, I can trust in the True Spirit and teach them Christmas isn’t about the big present in the stocking.

by J.G. McGlothern


Lucky in Winter November 28, 2010

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I had to laugh at my fortune cookie message the other day, “You will be lucky in the winter.”  How limiting. So am I screwed come spring and summer? I have always liked winter more than summer. The hunkering down by the fire with a cup of hot tea, watching movie after movie and not feeling guilty about staying inside, lots of candles.

On a date in Tokyo some twenty years ago, my date bought me a palm reading.  Some guys buy flowers others fortune telling.  The palm reader said I was very lucky.  The translation came out as, “You have the kind of luck where if you miss your flight, that airplane will crash and everyone will die.”  Wasn’t really sure how to take it, but liked the idea of being “lucky”. Who doesn’t like the idea? Who wouldn’t want to be lucky?

I won $60 bucks once at my college boyfriend’s baseball game and that was even before my palm reading.  At Bunco a few months back I won the “big cash prize”.  I hit all green lights this afternoon driving across town.

If I am going to be lucky this winter, I’m off to a good start the last few weeks of autumn.  I am married to a man I’m still in love with, have my health, like my children on most days and always seem to get a good parking spot. I already have my annual winter cold almost gone and winter solstice is still a few weeks away. I have my sanity, for the most part, food in the fridge, and a darling family to sit down to dinner with in our warm home.  This lucky girl is quite blessed.

Get out the gloves, make hot cocoa, chop onions for the soup…bring on winter, I’m feelin’ lucky.

by J.G. McGlothern


Monday’s Random Thoughts November 23, 2010

Soup for breakfast.  A hummingbird in November on a day that’s snowing in Seattle.  Could this day be any more unplanned?

This morning while sitting in a neighborhood cafe “living time”, definitely not “killing” it, I ordered a bowl of soup and it wasn’t even 9:30.  The moment I walked in the door, the smells grabbed me and wrapped me up in their fresh aroma of tomatoes, onions, garlic, oregano – I had to ask what was cookin’. In minutes I was devouring a bowl of soup topped with feta.

The unexpected often better than the planned.  A surprise to your senses, an awakening of your soul when one steps out of normal routine and takes the road less traveled.  And speaking of Robert Frost and choosing the road “less traveled by”, I have found that soup for breakfast is just one way of taking yourself off guard.  And I believe taking yourself off guard is a gift to your soul.  Today’s snow flakes took me off guard indeed and took me to a place of quiet gratitude, a place to delight in the little gifts of the day.

Snapping my son’s photo as he romped in the snow moments ago, a hummingbird visited my hydrangea near our front porch.  Calling the kids over, we all got a glimpse of the unexpected beauty, flitting around, looking for food, searching for a plant perhaps one less traveled by and untouched by his magnificence.

by J.G. McGlothern


The Village November 16, 2010

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Not only does it take a village to raise our children, but apparently to raise our dogs as well.  Just this morning I tied our dog up in front of the grocery store, away from harm, a spot he is used to hanging out in when I make short trips to the store.

There were two men with leaf blowers doing there leaf blowing thing, so I hesitated about leaving Buford.  One of the men and I exchanged eye contact and smiles, I felt comfortable tying my dog up since I was only getting one item and the blowers didn’t seem that loud.

Well, in the checkout line paying for my brown sugar a couple of people started talking about the loose dog outside.


Outside six people were surrounding Buford, safe and unharmed, but apparently he almost got hit by a car.  In that moment you feel like a crappy person, totally unreliable and unstable to care for another being.  Undeserving of others kindness, unfit for society. His collar had broken and we all assume he was spooked by the leaf blower.

I left him in what I thought was a safe place and it still is a safe place, just under the circumstances, at that moment, not so safe.

Just like we parents can’t beat ourselves up for making all the right decisions with our children, we people need to cut ourselves some slack on doing it all and being the perfect dog owner, parent, American citizen.

There is comfort in knowing strangers help.  I was touched by the gift of a community coming together to help my scared dog.  I would have done the same. You would have too.  People love to be needed and find a bit of beauty in reaching out instead of looking the other way.

by J.G. McGlothern


Monday’s Random Thoughts November 15, 2010

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Remember Jack Handey’s Deep Thoughts on SNL?  And what about Al Franken’s Stuart Smalley character with the bad sweaters and positive affirmation talk?

Today I start my random Monday thoughts with no promises to always be deep or offer excellent examples of positive affirmation. I only promise to show up to the blank page every Monday and occasionally wear a bad sweater.

My first Random Thought for this cold, grey Monday:

I find it highly curious that the woman who occasionally parks her car in front of our house fuels her car “with vegetable oil only” but smokes cigarettes sitting outside of her car.  She demonstrates that she cares more about what she puts in her vehicle than what she puts in her body.  I’m just curious that’s all.

No judgment here, just intrigued by human nature.

They’re probably filtered cigarettes. And I’m certain she doesn’t inhale.

Speaking of inhaling, walking back from my children’s school one morning last week I smelled pot. The unmistakable aroma filled my nose.  Sure enough a guy was smoking a joint at the bus stop, less than fifty feet from my kids’ school. 

At least he was taking the bus.

No judgment here, just intrigued by human nature.

by J.G. McGlothern


My OH My

Yesterday the calendar said November, but it was summer at our house.  The doors were open, we were outside doing yard work and Dave Niehaus was broadcasting on the radio.  The Mariners were on fire, turning the Kingdome upside down.  It was 1995 yesterday as I was dressed in a wool cap and gloves pruning hydrangeas, digging up weeds, and mowing the lawn.  Little Joey Cora, Dan Wilson, Randy Johnson and other names from the past I had totally forgotten, took to the field and marked an historical moment of time in Seattle history.

Not a big baseball fan myself, but a huge fan of radio I was happy to go back in time.  I love a good radio voice, a good story unfolding on the airwaves with someone else’s words and my imagination.  As Dave Niehaus told us what was happening on the field you could hear the enthusiasm of the crowd and sense the thrill as though you were there, sitting in the bleachers.

I didn’t stop like my husband did to take in the story, the historical moment unfolding, I kept to my trimming, pruning, digging.  I would however, pause to see how my husband was progressing with his fence project and fixing the weed whacker for me.  Inevitably he would be still in front of the radio, reliving the 1995 moment without motion.

“This is it honey, this is the game that brought us Safeco field.” 

After my cheeks were quite rosy and my muscles sore, I stepped inside to hear the final moments close up.  I stopped in my tracks.  My husband was red eyed and teary,” This is it baby, Dave’s Hall of Fame Speech,” like he was talking about an old friend or family member.

I don’t know if it was the words of Dave Niehaus or seeing my husband so deeply moved in the moment, my eyes too filled with tears.

One man’s devotion to the game, to one team for all those years, moving others to stop for a moment, turn back their clocks to another time, another season, to a year when Seattle made a mark in baseball history, to honor a man who brought out their love of the game. Or for those who just love a good story.

by J.G. McGlothern


Cup of Resistance November 13, 2010

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