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My OH My November 15, 2010

Yesterday the calendar said November, but it was summer at our house.  The doors were open, we were outside doing yard work and Dave Niehaus was broadcasting on the radio.  The Mariners were on fire, turning the Kingdome upside down.  It was 1995 yesterday as I was dressed in a wool cap and gloves pruning hydrangeas, digging up weeds, and mowing the lawn.  Little Joey Cora, Dan Wilson, Randy Johnson and other names from the past I had totally forgotten, took to the field and marked an historical moment of time in Seattle history.

Not a big baseball fan myself, but a huge fan of radio I was happy to go back in time.  I love a good radio voice, a good story unfolding on the airwaves with someone else’s words and my imagination.  As Dave Niehaus told us what was happening on the field you could hear the enthusiasm of the crowd and sense the thrill as though you were there, sitting in the bleachers.

I didn’t stop like my husband did to take in the story, the historical moment unfolding, I kept to my trimming, pruning, digging.  I would however, pause to see how my husband was progressing with his fence project and fixing the weed whacker for me.  Inevitably he would be still in front of the radio, reliving the 1995 moment without motion.

“This is it honey, this is the game that brought us Safeco field.” 

After my cheeks were quite rosy and my muscles sore, I stepped inside to hear the final moments close up.  I stopped in my tracks.  My husband was red eyed and teary,” This is it baby, Dave’s Hall of Fame Speech,” like he was talking about an old friend or family member.

I don’t know if it was the words of Dave Niehaus or seeing my husband so deeply moved in the moment, my eyes too filled with tears.

One man’s devotion to the game, to one team for all those years, moving others to stop for a moment, turn back their clocks to another time, another season, to a year when Seattle made a mark in baseball history, to honor a man who brought out their love of the game. Or for those who just love a good story.

by J.G. McGlothern


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