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The Village November 16, 2010

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Not only does it take a village to raise our children, but apparently to raise our dogs as well.  Just this morning I tied our dog up in front of the grocery store, away from harm, a spot he is used to hanging out in when I make short trips to the store.

There were two men with leaf blowers doing there leaf blowing thing, so I hesitated about leaving Buford.  One of the men and I exchanged eye contact and smiles, I felt comfortable tying my dog up since I was only getting one item and the blowers didn’t seem that loud.

Well, in the checkout line paying for my brown sugar a couple of people started talking about the loose dog outside.


Outside six people were surrounding Buford, safe and unharmed, but apparently he almost got hit by a car.  In that moment you feel like a crappy person, totally unreliable and unstable to care for another being.  Undeserving of others kindness, unfit for society. His collar had broken and we all assume he was spooked by the leaf blower.

I left him in what I thought was a safe place and it still is a safe place, just under the circumstances, at that moment, not so safe.

Just like we parents can’t beat ourselves up for making all the right decisions with our children, we people need to cut ourselves some slack on doing it all and being the perfect dog owner, parent, American citizen.

There is comfort in knowing strangers help.  I was touched by the gift of a community coming together to help my scared dog.  I would have done the same. You would have too.  People love to be needed and find a bit of beauty in reaching out instead of looking the other way.

by J.G. McGlothern


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